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Platinum Informatics

Reinventing Data Management Systems for the 21st Century.

Our MissionOur Software

Our Mission

Big Data Made Easy

We are a spin-out company from the University of Dundee.

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Our mission is to maximise the efficiency and productivity of the modern workplace.
We are passionate about enabling access to the benefits of state-of-the-art Big Data technology.
Platinum Informatics was created to make Big Data Easy by designing powerful tools with user friendly interfaces.

Data Management

We provide powerful, but easy to use software for 'n-dimensional' tracking of meta-data in space and time. Easily create a comprehensive, fully searchable data repository, integrating barcoding and contactless tracking technologies, for every sample, reagent and asset. Streamline efficient collaboration on projects, simplify generation of reports and enable continuous performance monitoring throughout your laboratory or organisation.

Data Visualisation

User-friendly software for the analysis and display of data across a wide range of scale and complexity. Our tools are custom designed through a deep understanding of user requirements to place the power of modern data science in a format that provides unprecedented ease of use. Our philosophy is that users should be freed to concentrate on exploring and interpreting their data while Platinum Informatics does the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

Support & Consulting

Platinum Informatics understands that there is no unique, one-size-fits-all solution to the complex array of data challenges and user needs in the modern laboratory and workplace environments. We have therefore designed our tools as a suite of modules and offer consulting services to review customer requirements and ensure these are matched with the optimum configuration for your needs. We also offer a flexible range of support and training packages suitable for both small, medium and large organisations.

Easy Delivery Options

Maximum convenience, complete security,
flexible customisation, world-wide delivery.


A complete, secure solution, providing rapidly configurable data storage and software modules, fully managed by Platinum Informatics.


For customers who require an in-house solution, we provide and support our software for either fully deployed local or hybrid installation.

Desktop & Mobile

Understanding the needs of users in modern laboratory and workplace environments, we have optimised our software for cross-platform access via both desktop and mobile devices.

Management Team

Who We Are

The Platinum Informatics  team combines a unique blend of expertise from both industry and academia.

Angus Lamond

Angus is a world leading biochemist specialising in quantitative analyses of gene expression in human cells and model organisms. He has worked in major research institutes in the UK, USA and Germany and has over 30 years experience in directing a multidisciplinary life sciences research laboratory, combining molecular cell biology with mass spectrometry and computational technologies.

Prof. Angus Lamond (FRS FRSE FMedSci)
Director, Founder, Chief Scientist

Rob Kent

Rob has over 10 years experience as a systems engineer & architect and software developer in the Aerospace and Research sectors with skills that span desktop, web and mobile applications as well as hardware engineering, DevOps, consultation and support.

Rob Kent
Founder, Director, Chief of Engineering & Operations

Barry Carr

Barry has over 20 years of experience as a commercial software developer with a deep understanding of full stack web development including backend, frontend (UI/UX), database design and implementation and automated test suites.

Barry Carr
Team Lead, Software Developer

Designed to make
Big Data Easy

We have over ten years experience in building innovative solutions to meet the many practical big data challenges that we and our colleagues have encountered in the rapidly evolving world of biomedical research.
Platinum Informatics was created to provide commercial access to our software and data science tools, in response to the many requests we have received from people wishing to take advantage of their unique functionality and ease of use.

Our Software

Designed With Users In Mind

Platinum Informatics have designed software to meet the needs of data management and analysis in many working environments, from large scale pharma, biotechnology and government laboratories to academic and clinical research facilities, SMEs and healthcare industries. We have built solutions that improve efficiency and save time by focusing on how users work and creating the tools that they need and making them work as they expect.

Easy to use. Fast to search. Quick to update.
Intuitive, integrated Solutions.
Software that make you feel that you designed it yourself.


Data Manager is a comprehensive information management system, created with a suite of modules designed to place all the information you need at your fingertips. Record detailed information seamlessly as you work and access all the data you need, whenever you need it. Always available, interconnected data makes it easy to work efficiently and improve productivity.

  • 'n-Dimensional Tracking' (Location, Time, Context, Users etc.)
  • Barcoding
  • Power Search
  • Convenient Workflow Templates
  • Easy Protocol Design
  • Controlled Vocabularies
  • Configurable Security
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Easy Report Generation
  • Continuous Asset Management
  • Efficient Project Management


Our Data Visualisation application features a unique graphical interface designed for remarkable ease of use while providing powerful search and data filtering across a wide range of data plot types. Access, explore and annotate complex, interconnected data via intuitive, interactive visualisations.

  • Comprehensive Range of Data Plots
  • Interactive Data Exploration
  • Multiple Search Options
  • Interlinked Data
  • Unique Graphical Interface
  • Optimised for Desktop & Mobile Devices
  • Scalable & Performant
  • Intuitive Design
  • Convenient Export Options


Our Data Analysis application combines a powerful and scalable analytical engine with a drag and drop design that makes even complex analyses simple to perform. Unique interface for Easy Data Import and Analysis Workflow Assembly. Easy generation of interactive plots, direct annotation and publishable ‘out of the box’. Powerful, hierarchical graphical filtering of data sets and Easy Statistical Analysis via deep integration with the R scripting language.

  • Drag & Drop 'Easy Plots'
  • Drag & Drop 'Easy Functions'
  • Fully integrated with R
  • Generate Interactive Data Plots
  • Data Search Options on Plots
  • Graphical Data Filtering
  • Custom Graphical Interface
  • Proprietary 'Easy Data Import' Function
  • Scalable & Performant
  • Intuitive Design
  • Statistical Analysis


Platinum Informatics has in development an active pipeline of new products, each designed to provide additional functionality that will enhance productivity throughout the working environment. All of our products are aimed at removing recognised pain points in existing workflows and are created to fully integrate within the existing suite. Our software is developed using a rigorous process of iterative, user-led design and testing. New products and modules coming to the Platinum Informatics software suite include;

  • Automated Processing Pipelines
  • Facility Management Modules
  • ‘LabTracker’ Integrated e-Notebook
All About Data
Data Management
Data Tracking
Data Integration
Data Analysis
Data Exploration
Data Visualisation
Data Science

— Big Data Made Easy —

Our Process

Our Software Your Way

Platinum Informatics believe that software should always aid and enable your work, never complicate or constrain what you do.



Platinum Informatics study the logistics of working environments and how work is performed to identify pain points, requirements and opportunities for improving efficiency and saving time.


Concept &

Building on a detailed understanding of user needs, we design our software and interfaces in iterative cycles, working in close conjunction with end users to ensure it meets their requirements for both functionality and ease of use.


Development &

Platinum Informatics employ rigorous test criteria to develop reliable and secure cross-platform software solutions.


Release &

Software that has passed our test procedures is released and supported with appropriate documentation. However, our development process is continuous and all our software is kept under review and regularly updated. We welcome feedback and encourage suggestions for new features and ideas for future releases.

Platinum Informatics software is moulded around user needs and designed through understanding how you want to work, so you don’t have to work around what the software lets you do.

Our News

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Flexible Pricing

Platinum Informatics provides a range of license and support options tailored to the needs of small, medium and large scale customers. Contact us below to discuss your requirements.

Early Adopter Program

Platinum Informatics is now accepting applications to join our Early Adopter and Academic Accelerator Programmes. With our commitment to providing the widest possible access to the benefits of state of the art Data Science technology, both of these programmes offer exceptional value to qualifying customers. Contact us below for further details.