Bringing the digital lab of the future to the research laboratories of today.

Mukesh Moorjani CEO

Demand for laboratory informatics systems is on the rise. These systems enable the storage, analysis and management of big data.

Data produced by research laboratories has increased significantly over the last decade due to advancements in the capabilities of instrumentation used to generate data.  This increase in data has been further driven by the rise of more complex experimentation in areas such as multiomics, required to support the need for the development of precision medicine-based therapies. 

Managing, curating and interrogating these large and complex sets of data has given rise to the requirement of new and more sophisticated informatics tools. 

This increase in data generation has also added to the challenges around the reproduction of experiments, and the time and resources required to run these studies.  This, in turn, has driven the need for tools that seek to automate the collection of data and metadata (variables that can impact the ability to reproduce experiments), as well as the processing of data more systematically and efficiently.

Our vision at Platinum Informatics is to transform scientific experimentation by bringing the digital laboratory of the future to the research laboratories of today. The digital laboratory envisioned will be transformative to areas of research such as early-stage drug, vaccine and biomarker discovery. All made possible by our Desimal software suite

How do we do this? Unlike generic Laboratory Informatics Systems, our software solution solves the challenge of how you manage the interrogation and curation of complex and ‘large’ data sets.

Platinum Desimal is an end to end suite of software tools focused on data collection, management, curation, analysis and interrogation with automating software to significantly reduce time and errors to complete experiments.

Our Platinum Desimal product addresses three significant challenges faced by researchers; reproducibility, automation and performance, with a particular focus today in supporting multiomics experimentation needed to develop the precision medicine therapies of the future. 

The performance potential for multiomics experimentation unlocked by Desimal probably excites me the most, as research in proteomics, metabolomics and pharmacogenomics for precision medicine relies on advanced informatics solutions, to manage and interrogate the vast and complex data sets it produces. Because of the increasing need for more sophisticated software, a lack of refined, performant tools has prohibited many R&D groups from realising the benefits these systems can bring, until now.

The Desimal suite has been designed to accelerate multiomics experimentation, making it a catalyst to facilitate further, richer discoveries in precision medicine-based therapies. 

Reproducibility: a recent survey by Nature revealed that as many as 52% of researchers believe there is a “reproducibility crisis” in R&D. This is a very live issue which presents multiple challenges for scientists trying to repeat experiments. dataManager, a sophisticated tool in the Desimal suite, stores not only the data but also metadata, that are crucial to driving reproducibility. This is unlike any other product on the market. Scientists around the world can now access more detailed information than ever before, enabling experiments to be repeated, delivering the same results. 

Automation: our Desimal suite automates many processes in the management and analysis of data, thereby reducing human error. For scientists today, the tools are developed to create a ‘plug and play’ solution that delivers on the promise of ‘democratising software and data’ to enable the digital lab of the future. This means less in-house specialist assistance is required to keep our intuitive system up and running. It’s a secure, cloud-based product which is proven to increase productivity and deliver more valuable insights. 

Platinum Desimal, designed by scientists for scientists, seeks to overcome the barriers traditional informatics systems have imposed on research efforts to date.

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