Ditch the Spreadsheets and go Desimal.

    Whether research is academic or commercial in nature, excellent record keeping is a fundamental tenet which underpins good scientific practice and reproducibility across disciplines. The technological revolution we have seen in various industries has yet to materialise in life sciences research, with audit trails and data analysis frequently conducted in generalised software solutions such as spreadsheets which are error prone, insecure and unfit for purpose. Whilst conventional Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) solutions capture the “who?” and “how?” of experiments, the collection of this audit trail through complex, unintuitive user interfaces is often a burden imposed upon laboratory researchers who receive little or no tangible benefits in return for their efforts. The next logical step in laboratory research is to take the data collected and utilise this to automate laboratory processes to the benefit of the researchers themselves.

    The digital laboratory of the future envisioned here at Platinum Informatics will be transformative to research by capitalising on the capture of a rich and comprehensive audit trail to automate laboratory processes. Desimal is a cloud-hosted, integrated informatics ecosystem designed to record, analyse and derive knowledge from the large, complex datasets associated with ‘omics’ research. Researchers benefit from automation during the setup and conducting of experiments as well as collection, analysis and interpretation of experimental data generating reproducible and scientifically robust results from every experiment. We believe that our Desimal software is integral in bringing the digital laboratory of the future to the research laboratories of today.

Scott Greig , Head of Development

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