MS-based proteomics vs other “omics”.

You may ask, why MS based proteomics and not genomics, transcriptomics or western blots? The question is analogous to a Formula One race featuring a tractor vs a Ferrari. 

A major advance in our understanding of biology was the publishing of the human genome in 2003. Since then, sequencing technology has improved such that it is now possible to sequence a genome in 1-2 days for under $4000. Our genes serve as templates for RNA molecules, each of which provides instruction to make a specific protein. Proteins in turn must be dynamically expressed in order to meet the developmental and environmental requirements of life. Until recently our understanding of this dynamism was limited predominantly to the identification of DNA/RNA. 

If we take the example of a caterpillar and a butterfly, they carry the same genome, but clearly they are different. Genomics allows us to predict the proteins that can be made, but we do not know precisely where, when or at what level they are generated. Genomics does not address proteins which are alternatively spliced or modified at the post-translational level which are responsible for the complexity of eukaryotic life. 

Mass spectrometry-based proteomics is the only technology available that can provide an unbiased, comprehensive understanding of the proteome. Next-generation multidimensional proteomics can reveal the cell’s complement of proteins- their location, abundance, turnover, isoforms and modifications that give rise to complex life. For most, proteomics gives us a snapshot of the proteome but here at Platinum Discovery we offer multiple snapshots from different angles, which can give better understanding of the biological system under investigation. 

Our experts here have a comprehensive understanding of biology and engage in intensive research and discussion of the biological question in focus. Dialogue with our clients covers the advantages and disadvantages of various experimental designs and technologies. Inevitably with large scale proteomic studies, it is challenging to keep track of all the meta-data, data and results that are generated. Our solution, Platinum Desimal, utilises our proprietary software ecosystem to deliver concise insights into the biological system of your choice. 

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