Platinum Desimal Launch

Platinum Informatics are pleased to announce that the Platinum Desimal suite is now available for research laboratories.

Desimal is an adaptive ecosystem of automated, integrated laboratory software which overcomes traditional informatics barriers to address real scientific challenges with a focus on supporting multiomics experimentation needed to develop the precision medicine therapies of the future. Whilst traditional LIMS fail to meet the needs of modern laboratories, Desimal is a comprehensive informatics system, providing end-to-end automatic data collection, management, analysis, and

Designed through collaboration with world-class scientists and software developers, our intuitive informatics solution manages complex experimentation processes and large datasets. Desimal significantly improves the quality of experimentation, providing an end-to-end automated solution by orchestrating chains of computational processes. This removes the need for manual input in scientific processes, minimising the risk of variation and ultimately human error. Reproducible, reliable results are delivered quickly with high-throughput and efficient analysis, helping labs to meet regulatory audit requirements easily.

Desimal is secure and cloud-hosted, meaning scientists can log in to work on their experiments anywhere, anytime, reducing the amount of time spent in the laboratory and enabling remote working. As our software is designed by scientists, for scientists, it has a user-friendly interface and is
easy to use with minimal training. Installation is customised to the needs of each individual laboratory, with no need to change workflow and seamlessly adapting to existing software.

We believe our Desimal software is integral in bringing the digital lab of the future to the research laboratories of today, seeking to overcome the traditional barriers informatics systems have imposed on research efforts to date.

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