Processing of experimental data typically involves several steps and software solutions, from pre-processing raw data to statistical analysis and visualisation. Platinum pipeLine provides a framework to orchestrate analytical workflows on scalable cloud-hosted infrastructure ensuring results are delivered quickly and reproducibly


PipeLine is a robust, secure and flexible solution that can be tailored to any scientific discipline and ensures a comprehensive audit trail. As experimental datasets grow in scale, pipeLine encapsulates the IT complexity away from the researcher ensuring more time can be dedicated to delivering exceptional research.

Researchers require no programming or technical skills to trigger complex analyses and can access the data directly. Analysis is undertaken consistently, regardless of the number of users, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Audit trail
  • No researcher programming
  • Consistent an efficiently processing
  • Flexibility in the processes

The pipeLINE offers total flexibility orchestrating open-source, bespoke or third-party software.

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