Platinum Dìon

Delivering COVID test results direct to test subjects.

Platinum Dìon is a companion product to the Platinum Desimal eco system. It supports anonymised clinical screening with direct communication of test results to the subjects.

Results are delivered securely and directly to test subjects by email. With an easy and intuitive secure sign in process which requires no additional software or apps.

How does it work?

Platinum Dìon holds unique identifiers for each test subject that are attached at the point of sample drop, with no need for scientists or administrators to access this information.

Lab processes associated with each sample are tracked in Platinum Desimal dataManager which supports:

  • Bar-code scan selection of samples
  • Intuitive visual user interface for well-plate designs
  • Workflows to ensure consistent application of SOPs

Once lab work is complete and the anonymous sample has a confirmed result, Platinum Dìon collects the test result from dataManager and matches it to the test subject. A personal email is sent to the subject inviting them to log in to Platinum Dìon and view their updated test status.

Test results are securely held, using two factor log in authorisation. The test subject has ownership for where and when they choose to log in and check the result.

To find out more about how Platinum Dìon can support your testing programme please get in touch.

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